SEVEN Electricity Music

Every revolution has music. SEVEN Electricity is the name of the worship team ushering in a revolution at The Perfecting Church. Inspired by seven, God's number for perfection, they also draw their identity from the fact that everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies—symbolizing how a believer should live—controlled and led by the Holy Spirit.

SEVEN Electricity is "charged" with creating a D.O.P.E. worship experience, one that is Different, Organic, Purposeful and Epic! For us the key is freshness and authenticity...genuine worship that leads people into the presence of God so they discover Him and consequently discover themselves in Him.

SEVEN Electricity is cross-cultural and cross-generational, blending musical genres to exceed limitations, avoid typecast and cause a revolution--inspiring radical repentance and commitment to God to be down for whatever He's called each of us to do!

Each week Seven Electricity introduces The Perfecting Church to a concert-like experience to give us the "perfect jolt," bringing us face to face with our Father and creator who we know is ready for a revolution. How about you? Here's to ministry that's out of this world!


Check out their debut album #Selfie here.   To express interest in joining the worship arts community at The Perfecting Church or request more information, click here or email


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