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Cornelius Matthews

Status: Married
Anniversary: July, 7 2006
Spouse: Bianca Matthews
Hobbies / Passion: sports,movies buff, television buff, cars and my family.
Describe yourself: I consider myself a God fearing family man, with a passion for helping and serving my fellow man.
Co-leader: Lee Malloy

Lee A. Malloy Jr.

Status: Married
Anniversary: 10/5/96
Spouse: Sharonne Malloy
Hobbies: weight lifting, cars, I also have a heart for anyone that's in need.
Description of myself: humble, very analytical, I've never met a stranger, reserved at times, I love young people because I know what they are going through in order to becoming adults.

Curtis Myers

Status: Married
Anniversary: March, 1991
Spouse: Marcia Myers
Hobbies/Passion: Spending time with my family, watching my daughter play field hockey, football (H.S., College and Pro), working with teens.
Describe Yourself: “I’m a family man who loves serving his community with relevant servant leadership. An avid sports fan. Let’s make an impact together.”

Brian M. Spell

Status: Married
Anniversary: June 6, 1995
Spouse: Daisy Spell
Hobbies/Passion: Exercising, Sightseeing, Cooking, and Building new and creative things
Describe Yourself: I am a competitive, focused and determined individual who loves to help others in need.
Co-leader (understudy): Ken Landow

Matt Tomkinson

Status: Married
Anniversary: October 9, 2009
Spouse: Priscilla Tomkinson
Hobbies/Passion: Sports, Cars, Debt Freedom, Coaching, Learning
Describe Yourself: I am family man who wants to leave a legacy for many generations of Tomkinson's. I am also a entrepreneur who does not understand the meaning of failure. I like to be prepared for when opportunities present themselves.
Co Leader: Femi MayGarber

Neil Fisher

Status: Married
Anniversary: 1/28/84
Spouse: Robin Fisher
Hobbies/Passion: Karate, family, witnessing
Describe Yourself: Follower of Christ who is committed to my family. I love working.

Mike Tilghman

Status: Married
Anniversary: July 28,1989
Spouse: Bettina Tilghman
Hobbies/ Passion: Hobbies- Contemporary Art, Boating, Classical Music/Passion-Christ, Commercial Real Estate, Energy

Danielle Pierre

Status: Married
Anniversary: April 2005
Spouse: Lucmann Pierre
Hobbies/Passion: Dance and my family.
Describe Yourself: “I am strong, passionate, “get things done”, organized and very analytical.”

Mary Jackson

Status: Married
Anniversary: 08/25/79
Spouse: Otis Jackson
Hobbies/ Passion: Shopping (Sales…I don’t pay full price for anything)…My passion is public speaking…I love doing all kinds of workshops…particularly with women
Describe Yourself: I love my family and enjoy serving them…I find pleasure pouring into people all that was poured into me…I am a work in progress!

Cyndi Butler

Status: Married
Anniversary: October 1993
Spouse: Anthony Butler
Hobbies/Passion: Caring for my husband and our three children.
Describe Yourself: I am a kind, happy and outgoing person.

Kimberly Savage

Status: Single
Hobbies/Passion: Life. Fashion. The Arts. Reading. Traveling. Fellowship. Studying. Outdoor and Indoor Activities.
Describe Yourself: I like everything from cheese steaks to sushi from the city to the suburbs. I love to get the job done and get it done well. I love to help people and turn complex concepts into simple solutions. Together and with God's grace, we can get it done! How can I help you?

Terry Bartley

Status: Single
Hobbies/Passion: I like crafts and reading.
Describe Yourself: “I am passionate about doing all things Gods way.”

Marcia Myers

Status: Married
Anniversary: March 1999
Spouse: Curtis
Hobbies/Passion: Running and theatre.
Describe Yourself: “I’m a fun energetic person who loves God, being a wife, mother and loves people.”

Tawana Skipper

Status: Single

Hobbies/Passion: Public, Community and governmental relationship building. Professional development and training to help youth find their God given strengths for career choice and volunteerism. Challenging sports like rock climbing, rollerblading and mountain biking and girlie stuff like spa-days, breakfast club and shopping til’ you drop.

Describe Yourself: Mother, daughter, sister, mentor, Public/Community/Governmental Relations professional, servant leader, lovely woman of virtue whose trust during challenges is not in her abilities, talents, emotions, circumstances or self but in the living God’s incorruptible word – that is why I’m called blessed.

Toni-Sadiq Lexton

Status: Married
Anniversary: 2/14/1997
Spouse: Abayomi Sadiq-Lexton
Hobbies/ Passion: Reading, Interior Design, Sporting Events
Describe Yourself: (1-2 sentences) - I enjoy educating youth and adults on finances, real estate, and business planning. I enjoy sharing God's Word and making it applicable to everyday life.

Regina Egerton

Status: Single
Hobbies/ Passion: Reading , the outdoors shopping and entertaining
Describe Yourself: I value my personal relationships with family and friends. I am dedicated to serving others by spending time and demonstrating love.

Shawn McEady

Hobbies/Passion: My hobbies are spending time with God, Reading, Traveling, Shopping, and line dancing, and I enjoy fellowship with family/friends.
Describe Yourself: My passion is to walk in God’s plan for my life/family and friends, and to love/treat my neighbor as I would myself. I believe that I am a fun-loving loyal, trustworthy person who loves the Lord. I am family orientated and I have a compelling spirit to help and serve the body of Christ.

Bettina Tilghman

Status: Married
Spouse:Michael Tilghman
Anniversary: July 28,1989
Hobbies/Passion: I enjoy going to the beach, shopping and most importantly serving others.
Describe Yourself:I am a stay-at-home wife and mother of three boys. I have a personality that is laid-back and can easily get along with others.

Kimani Bell

Spouse: Trang Bell
Anniversary: Sept 1,2007
Hobbies/Passion: Passion for God, my family,my church. All around passion for Coaching & Mentoring in all areas. Passion for reaching the youth. Basketball & Video production.
Describe Yourself: People describe me as a humble leader, that can take an idea and bring it to fruition. "The get it done guy". NY Sports Fan, Giants,Knicks & Metz.

R. Shawn Chester

Spouse: Sherri Chester
Anniversary: May 29, 2004
Hobbies/Passion: my family, the 49ers, 80's/90's trivia
Describe Yourself: I see myself as fun loving& family oriented I love to mentor young people because they represent our future.

April A. Ward

Spouse: James Ward
Anniversary: June 17, 2006
Hobbies/Passion: I love family time with my husband and children. I enjoy using my God given talents to capture and promote special moments through Digital Photography, Media Relations, and Social Media Marketing.
Describe Yourself: I enjoy being a daughter, wife, and mother. My relationship with God reminds to let go of my worries and thank Him daily for the blessings in my life.

Doris Page

Spouse: John Allen Page
Anniversary: December 22, 1995
Hobbies/Passion: I love to travel. My passion is for hurting women, lost souls, and helping others.
Describe Yourself: I am someone who loves the Lord, enjoys serving Him, and others. I do tend to worry about dying without completing all that He has sent me to do.

Paul Talley

Hobbies/Passion: Living life
Describe Yourself: I'm passionate about Christ and helping people figure it out, whatever it may be.

Matt Trainor

Spouse: Danielle Trainor
Anniversary: June 21,2013
Hobbies/Passion: Jesus. Passion. Inspiring the world to GREATNESS.
Describe Yourself: I love God. I love people. Love to help people grow and get better. I love leadership!

Paula Hollis

Spouse: Martin Hollis
Anniversary: August 1991
Hobbies/Passion: Enjoys singing, music, learning and analyzing things.
Describe Yourself: No nonsense wife and mother of three sons who encourages others to fulfill God's plan for their life. Trusted confidante and dedicated friend who loves at all times and speaks the truth in love.

Sharon Sadler

Spouse: Oscar Sadler Jr.
Anniversary: July 17
Hobbies/Passion: My passion is spending time (especially special occasions) with my family and close friends. Also, mentoring or coaching people through transitional periods . Hobbies: Shopping, planning events, decorating
Describe Yourself: NI love people and being around people. I love to create an atmosphere for people that makes them feel safe and at peace but also fun. Nurturing, caring and engaging. I love my family and helping other families in whatever way that I can. But I love having a good time and lots of fun. Mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

Krystal Pleasant

Spouse: Rashad Pleasant
Anniversary: May 2009
Hobbies/Passion: Foodie Adventurous - Love to Cook, Bake, Travel, Plan/Host Parties and Fellowship with Family and Friends! Passionate about being the woman God created me to be (Proverbs 31) and empowering young girls and women to do the same.
Describe Yourself: Loving wife, doting mommy of two exceptional kids, and woman of God with a heart to love people in action through kindness and service!
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