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Bio of Pastor Kevin and Angela Brown

We are living proof that “if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done,” a principle we learned from our spiritual father, the late Dr. Lamont D. McLean, who pastored us for nearly 15 years before his death in 2007.  The products of less than perfect families, we vowed separately and privately to be different, defining and finding success on our own terms.  Yet when we met in 1989, we seemed destined to repeat the mistakes that plagued the generations before us. 

As a young adult, Kevin struggled with drugs and alcohol as he sought to discover his purpose in life.  Meanwhile, Angela, the product of a bitter divorce, resisted any committed relationship.  For us the results would be a pregnancy outside of wedlock when Angela was just a 17-year-old college freshman and Kevin a recent college drop-out.  For God it would be the ingredients He’d use to do a new thing and give us a future and a hope. 

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds facing us as a young couple, together we decided to whole-heartedly dedicate our lives to God and one another, forsaking the ungodly habits that defined our past and laying a foundation for God to do something new.  In exchange, we experienced the fulfillment of God’s promise in Psalm 37:4 that if you “delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desire of your heart” as he’s taken us from poverty to wealth and disappointment to Godly contentment. 

Today our union of 25 years has given birth to two, spirit-filled children, KJ and Olivia, and numerous accomplishments. We attribute our Christian family and achievements to consistently seeking and applying God’s word to our lives. We learned this as part of the rich spiritual upbringing we received at Living Faith Christian Center where we were active members for nearly 20 years and Kevin worked as a staff minister from 2005-2007; senior minister from 2007-2009; and senior minister and associate pastor from 2010-2011.

Together we are known to powerfully yet practically minister the Word of God with a transparency that discloses both our tests and testimonies revealing how a perfect God perfects His people so the real you emerges. 

But enough about us…let's discover you.

Curtis Myers
Marcia Myers
Mike Dixon

I was born in Panama and lived on several military bases before moving to Willingboro, NJ. I graduated from Willingboro High School and obtained a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Professionally, I am the founder & president of Aspire Youth Development, Inc., a dynamic organization focused on developing leadership skills through engaging workshops that instruct, motivate and advance high school students' practical demonstration of leadership. I also serve as the Civic Engagement Director for the YMCA of Burlington County where I coordinate regional, state-wide and local government simulation programs that prepare 2,000 students for civic responsibility.

I've been married to my lovely wife Marcia for 20 years and we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Charisse and Victoria. Together, our family is committed to impacting our community with strong Christian leadership motivated by God's love for all people. As a reflection of this, I serve as a member of The Perfecting Church pioneering team, and alongside my wife, lead DNA Student Ministries which gathers 7th -12th grade students together to inspire, prepare and launch them into a passionate pursuit of their original design.

  • Passion:
    Working with high school students to develop their leadership in multiple arenas

  • Bucket List:
    -Coach football at the collegiate and professional level
    -See the eight wonders of the world

  • Greatest Achievement:
    Being a father!

  • What you'll be known for in your obituary:
    Loving, inspiring and caring for people and changing a generation!

  • Why The Perfecting Church?:
    I agree with God's plan for my life and it's time to be and create the culture that He wants in the earth-no more religion. We are in the perfect place at the perfect time, continuing to be perfected by a Perfect God.

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and lived there until the age of 16. My family then moved to Willingboro, NJ where I graduated from Willingboro High School and Burlington County College with an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts (concentrating on special education and Theatre Arts).

I enjoy acting, writing and directing plays. I am the "Hype personality" and Creative Director for Jubilee Children's Entertainment. I also serve as a substitute teacher at The Burlington County Special Services School District which I absolutely adore!

I've been married to a wonderful man, Curtis Myers, my husband of 20 years and I love being his wife! We have two awesome daughters Charisse and Victoria and it's my desire that my family be a strong voice in our community by setting an example for Christ in a real way.

I serve as a member of The Perfecting Church pioneering team and, alongside my husband, lead DNA Student Ministries which gathers 7th – 12th grade students together to inspire, prepare and launch them into a passionate pursuit of their original design. Praise God!

  • Passion:
    -Acting for the stage and film.
    -Directing plays/productions…I love helping people enhance their God-given talents/craft on the stage…especially children and teens

  • Bucket List:
    -Major role in a Movie and/or Sit-Com as well as a Broadway production
    -Direct a Major Production on a grand scale that will impact and change lives

  • Greatest Achievement:
    - Being a mother to my beautiful girls
    - Being able to laugh at myself

  • What you'll be known for in your obituary:
    She impacted many lives by Loving God, loving and serving people, and by simply having a "ball" in Christ!

  • Why The Perfecting Church?:
    I praise God that my family and I have the opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary movement that believes in perfecting the God-given gifts and talents of families and individuals for the purpose of impacting the world for Christ! Yes! Perfect God, Perfecting People!

I am the son of Bishop Albert E. Dixon Sr. and was born in Cleveland, OH. As a pastor’s kid, I have been blessed to serve in a variety of areas in ministry and with leaders from various denominations.  In 2003, the Lord led our family to move and serve In St. Louis and in 2007 he allowed us to come to South Jersey.

I married my beautiful wife Tammy in 1990 and we had to overcome the challenges of a blended family and our different upbringing. She was strongly influenced by her parent’s divorce, while my parents had enjoyed over 50 years of marriage. Through prayer and much education our marriage has thrived and upon request, we began coaching couples and hosting marriage workshops.  Under the urging of Holy Spirit, I wrote the book, “Marriage…The Secrets to Loving It” which has been a tremendous blessing to thousands of couples around the world.

My wife and I are godly proud of our three children, Chawnte, Michaela and Maaziah, who all love the Lord and advance the Kingdom of God by helping others. It is truly an honor to serve on The Perfecting Church teaching team and with my wife, lead Perfecting Marriages. Our hearts desire is to empower, educate and motivate couples to experience a marriage filled with passion and fulfilling God’s purpose. I often say, “You don’t find a great marriage, you build one,” and by the grace of God, I look forward to helping you build a tremendous marriage.

  • Passion:
    Advancing The Kingdom of God, saving marriages, my family and good food!

  • Bucket List:
    Help save 1 million marriages, fly an airplane (I’ve already jumped out of one!)

  • Greatest Achievement:
    Still in process!

  • What you'll be known for in your obituary:
    Teaching, encouraging and motivating others to fulfill their divine assignments and being a tremendous husband, father and friend.

  • Why The Perfecting Church?:
    Divine placement. Our steps are ordered by the Lord and the connection with TPC has definitely been a God thing. Pastor Kevin’s heart for the people and purpose of God are an inspiration. His humility and leadership are empowering and transforming this region.  My family has been planted in this assembly for such a time as this and I am so grateful and excited to serve!

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. As a child I spent many summers with relatives in Eatonton, GA, a small town outside of Atlanta. Since 2000 I have been married to Marc Poland and am proud to serve as mommy to our three children Marc II or "Cell", Milan and Michaela.

I attended Temple University where I earned my Bachelor's of Science degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, before earning a Master's of Science degree in Education with a Reading Specialist concentration from Cabrini College.

There are no dull moments in the life of this wife and mother. By day I serve as a Literacy Teacher Coach for an area school district where I provide teachers with the resources and support they need to improve their students' literacy achievement.

I am a member of The Perfecting Church pioneering team and serve alongside my husband Marc as a team leader of PerfectingKids Ministry.

  • Passion:
    Empowering and serving others through the love of God, giving and discovering solutions to close the achievement gap in America's education system (that's a big one).

  • Bucket List:
    To obtain my doctorate degree in the field of education. To travel the globe and explore all the Wonders of the World.

  • Greatest Achievement:
    Becoming a mother of three

  • What you'll be known for in your obituary:
    I will be known as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, educator, author, philanthropist, speaker, teacher and servant-leader. In summation, an anointed woman of God who donated her life to serving God and others.

  • Why The Perfecting Church?:
    For me the vision and mission of TPC provided clear answers to the questions about church that were previously unresolved throughout my life as a Christian. But if asked to sum up my decision, I would have to say that TPC is exactly where God wants me to be; discovering the unique purpose and design he has for my life, while at the same time doing exactly what he created me to do for Him. Love it!
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