Life is not your invention, it's your discovery. The key to this discovery is serving others...


THIS IS CHURCH FOR KIDS! PerfectingKids serves children from 18 months through 4th grade, offering an exciting, age-appropriate learning environment to promote healthy spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social and physical development through worship and the Word of God. To further the spiritual growth and development of children with special needs, PerfectingKids provides customized care for children with varying cognitive abilities and healthcare needs. Weekly lessons are complemented with service opportunities and interwoven with multi-media resources to accommodate various learning styles, encourage interaction and prepare children for a lifetime of discovering, developing and launching out!

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METAMORPHOSIS is a change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means.

Metamorphosis is also the student community of The Perfecting Church serving students in the 5th through 8th grades.  We understand that other than the first three years of life, this is the grade span in which students are most transformed. They enter as children and leave as young adults.

With that fact in mind each week students will gather together to interact with others, experience vibrant music, participate in small group discussions with small group leaders, engage in service projects, play games and more.

Our goal is to lead students into a loving relationship with God, which will help students:

  • DISCOVER their unique gifts, talents and abilities
  • TRANSFORM into the next generation of leaders by infusing the qualities and characteristics of people of influence.
  • PERFECT (verb) /per-fekt/ themselves through continuous learning, growing and servicing, which enables them to become exactly who God created them to be.

Graduation Video for Class of: 2014

Design Not Altered (DNA)

DNA contains the genetic instructions used in the development of all known living organisms. Like a set of blueprints, DNA contains the instructions needed for constructing life.  Similarly, embedded in every human being is a specific plan and purpose that God Himself according to Genesis chapter 1 has made you “very good” at…but only He as your creator has the instructions.  DNA exists to provide you with a forum to access those instructions ensuring that His original Design for you is Not Altered so you emerge as the perfect you, fulfilling your unique purpose and potential. 

DNA will gather young adults in 9th through 12th grades—in a Flash—designed to inspire, prepare and launch them into a passionate pursuit of their original design.  Are you ready?  Then follow us for details of the first DNA Flash Mob!

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The Deep End

The Deep End is the part of a pool where the depth of water is the greatest. It can be a place of great insecurity, but great accomplishment as well; young adulthood mirrors this in many ways. It is void of the “safety net” of the formative years, you either sink or you swim. Our ministry 's mission is to mentor and empower our young adults to be an impact in their community both spiritually and socially through weekly connection (Pcell) and Outreach (Perfecting U on The Road). Lets do life with each other!


Our marriage community is here to inspire, equip and engage couples with the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy a mutually satisfying relationship and to grow in their love of Christ and for one another.
We host monthly in-home study groups, our Marriage Pcells. Through sharing, learning, laughter and fellowship couples are strengthened and encouraged to grow in grace and pursue a deeper level of intimacy in their marriages.

We also provide no cost marital counseling, premarital classes, activities, workshops and retreats throughout the year.

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PerfectingCells (pcells)

Cell:  the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms.  Translation…the foundation for LIFE! 

PCells are the foundation of The Perfecting Church as people gather from house-to-house to practically apply and live Monday through Saturday what they learn on Sunday.  PCells serve as true change agents, developing the faith of believers both new and mature, catapulting them into action and subsequently transforming their communities and respective spheres of influence. 

In PCells, believers will not only grow their faith, but seek to put that faith into action as they assess the needs of their surrounding communities and develop strategic plans to meet them understanding that “faith without works is dead”.

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