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The Kingdom Within
Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Kingdom Within

By Pastor Kevin Brown

What if being a follower of Jesus went beyond repeating a prayer, attending a weekly service and giving as an act of worship?  What if our adherence to the scriptures went beyond groupthink and shared norms?  What if the Kingdom of God was within us and God wanted to shape every aspect of our lives individually and interpersonally? Those revolutionary thoughts are exactly what Jesus taught and demonstrated to be true.  They're what He died to prove and was resurrected to establish.  The Kingdom Within. 

Jesus did not come to begin a new religion -- a faith characterized by rules and systems -- as much as He came to ignite a revolution -- a fundamental change in power and structures igniting an uprising against accepted norms. Jesus was a revolutionary, who came to establish a revolution in the heart of each of His followers. He came to establish -- The Kingdom Within.



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