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Hear Our Cry
Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Cry God Hears

Minister Angela Brown

“God help me!” “Fix it Jesus!” “Save me Lord!” These are all common cries to God in times of trouble. Although necessary, shallow appeals like these frequently cease when we believe we’ve received the answer or help we want, often forfeiting the process of mourning for the “path of least resistance.” But how do we even know when our cries have reached God? More importantly, how do we respond when God cries out to us—do we even hear Him? It’s in places of mourning where God not only hears us, we hear Him, receiving His divine instructions and experiencing what is impossible with man—miracles, signs and wonders.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Cry of a City

Pastor Kevin Brown

We don't often think of cities in human terms, but we should.  If all we consider when thinking of a city is its crime rate, its poverty, its arts and culture or its sports teams we miss a very real truth and quite possibly our personal why and reason for being.  Cities are living, breathing masses of humanity working together to flourish and find fulfillment in life.  Cities have scars, pains, histories, aspirations, dreams and hopes.  Cities laugh, cities hope and yes, cities cry.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hear Our Cry

Pastor Kevin Brown

Get over it!  It’s not that bad.  You’ve been through worse.  So much of contemporary culture is dominated by an unwillingness to experience and acknowledge mourning and sorrow.  In our insatiable efforts to see the bright side of things we can lose our ability to truly mourn.  We’ve been taught to see no value in feeling loss, hurt, grief or remorse.  But a society void of true mourning also becomes a society void of true joy. A society void of true mourning also becomes a society void of compassion and empathy.  A society void of mourning becomes incapable of releasing the cry that brings it close to the heart of God.


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