Gifted: Freely We’ve Received, Freely We Give

It’s impossible to describe God and not mention — giver.  Among all the attributes we might use to describe God, they’re all connected to the overarching truth — He is a giver.  The earth is His and the things that fill it.  All that we have has been given to us by God and ultimately belongs to God.  As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 is ushered in, we’re going to explore and celebrate just how gifted we are.  Our prayer is to acknowledge in a fresh and new way — we’ve freely received and therefore we freely give.


12/31/2016 | View the New Year’s Eve celebration video




Series begins November 19, 2017


Pastor Kevin Brown

In the garden mankind lost relationship with their Father (Up).  As a result, we lost the ability to love and live with one another as God intended (In).  Orphaned, without a Father and without one another, we lost what was needed to relate properly to creation and establish thriving, flourishing social constructs (Out).  Jesus came to restore our Up life with the Father, our In life with one another and our Out life — relating properly to creation and establishing Christ centered society.  We’ve been invited into the greatest project in human history — Restoring God’s Family in a World of Orphans. 

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