Both Sides of the Wall by Tamika Wyche Greenidge


Since our arrival in Bethlehem we’ve been unable to escape the reality of “the wall.” A wall in and of itself is not a good or a bad thing until you place it in its proper context. Depending upon what side of the wall you’re on and how it has affected your life is what will determine in what light it is seen.

Being here, we’ve seen the impact of how a physical structure has shaped the lives of individuals and impacted generations. Although we tell ourselves, “we would never,” the reality of it is that we have. We’ve allowed walls to be built in our lives and we’ve even participated in building a couple of walls. At first glance, it would seem silly to allow a structure to shape what kind of person we are, but daily we encounter obstacles, situations, and people who help to shape the very fabric of who we are more than our relationship with God. And in return, we create, build and erect things in our lives that God’s stamp of approval is not on. When we allow this to happen, since we do not see a physical structure being built in our midst, it is a bit harder to assess the character and worth of what we’ve allowed to be built in our life until successes are obtained or losses are experienced.

While here, I’ve really been challenged to start examining and assessing the things I do and my approach to life on a daily basis. Does it build the character of Christ, and what’s its worth? 1 Corinthians 3:13 (AMP) states, “The work of each [one] will become [plainly, openly] known (shown for what it is); for the day [of Christ] will disclose and declare it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test and critically appraise the character and worth of the work each person has done.”

Each and every thing God does builds character, integrity and brings honor to Him. Despite what may come our way and no matter what side of the wall we are, on we should be able to see Christ in our works.

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  1. Tony Butler says:

    That was powerful Tamika. So happy for you to be able to see “the wall” and all the obstacles associated with it. I pray you are forever changed and magnify the Love of Christ at the whole new level. Praise God…

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